BetaKit Podcast: Brice Scheschuk

BetaKit Podcast: Brice Scheschuk
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On our latest episode, we chatted with Brice, cofounder of Wind Mobile (exited) and cofounder of Globalive Capital. We discuss his new initiative, Mindframe Connect, which focuses on honing the craft of mentorship for entrepreneurs and resilience. Check it out:

The CDL mentoring session that gave Brice Scheschuk imposter syndrome
Brice Scheschuk explains the motivation behind his new initiative to improve the craft of mentorship and create more resilient entrepreneurs, MindFrame Connect.

For some background, I interviewed Brice on my old show, Entrepreneurs in Small Rooms Drinking Coffee, way back in 2016:

Brice Scheschuk | Globalive Capital by Entrepreneurs in Small Rooms Drinking Coffee
Rob Kenedi has a coffee with Brice Scheschuk, CEO of Globalive Capital and co-founder of Wind Mobile. Brice details the history of Globalive, including what it was like to start Wind against a strong set of mobile competitors and then ultimately sell the company, and as an investor, their unique pos…